Jaime Alvarez


On December 2, 2018, Jaime and his childhood sweetheart, Eunice, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They have been blessed with four amazing daughter's, Leticia, Marisela, Elena and Gina. Included in what Jaime calls, "his village", are 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Jaime is most proud of being a faithful husband, father, and grandfather.

50 YEARS AND COUNTING- HOW TO BE HAPPILY MARRIED FOREVER is a true story of Jaime and Eunice's 50 years of marriage. In it's pages you will find practical wisdom and advice for any couple contemplating marriage. The book does not color coat the challenges involved in creating a healthy and long-lasting marriage. Being married so many years brings with it many new changes requiring resiliency and sometimes reinvention. It is spiritual but not religious. It is a must read for all married couples. 

50 YEARS AND COUNTING - HOW TO BE HAPPILY MARRIED FOREVER makes a wonderful gift for anniversaries, weddings, Christmas or birthdays.