Jaime Alvarez


"Started reading your book the day it came..then with baking, wrapping and "stuff" it got set aside..had jury duty this morning. The perfect time to read and finish the book, no interruptions...long story short..I loved it! So thought provoking..congratulations on a wonderful book!"

‚ÄčAngela Skagerberg

"I started reading and could not put it down! I read the entire book in one sitting . Amazing story and a tribute to our first responders."

Mike Ramos                                        

County of San Bernardino District Attorney 

"Sudden Death Beautiful Life is another book that will move you to tears. Jaime's life experiences are beyond imagination. I am grateful that in spite of it all, like his granddaughter said, "but he lived!" Jaime's sudden cardiac arrest ended 'well' because he lived to share his experience and his wisdom in this book. His first book, 'Skin for Skin' is another must-read book and I'm glad he included some of its history in Sudden Death Beautiful Life not only because it was necessary in order to fully appreciate his sudden cardiac arrest, but also to provide the name that should be on your book-reading list!"

California Assemblywoman

Eloise Reyes